Cocoa Delights

R 659.00

Cocoa Delights

R 659.00
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This combination of smooth chocolate, crunchy biscuits and mouth watering hints of fruit and nuts will be sure to bring delight.

1 X Afrikoa Chocolate Milk Slab
1 X Cocoafair Coated Macadamia 
1 X Wedgewood Angel Biscuit Box
1 X Manoli's Chocolate Peanuts
1 X Manoli's Chocolate Raisins
1 X Wedgewood Choc Bar - Almond
1 X Wedgewood Choc Bar - Orange
2 X Wedgewood Angel Single Biscuit Choc
3 X Wedgewood Bon Bon Choc Assorted

Box dimensions: 
Width 19,6cm  - Length 26,6 cm  - Height 9,2cm